Ather 450X

Sophisticated & time tested

Range – 146 kms
Top speed – 90 Kmph
0 – 80% charge – 4:30 hours
Storage – 22 litres
Warranty – 3 years

Subscription starts at 3,449 pm
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TVS - iQube

Reliable e-scooter from TVS Motors

Range – 100 kms
Top speed – 78 Kmph
0 – 80% charge – 4:30 hours
Storage – 32 litres
Warranty – 3 years

Subscription starts at 2,999 pm
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OLA S1 Pro

Trendy city scooter

Range – 181 kms
Top speed – 116 Kmph
0 – 80% charge – 4:30 hours
Storage – 36 litres
Warranty – 3 years

Subscription starts at 3,216 pm
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With many self-aware organizations going green and running sustainable causes, this lease program is designed for those that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to electric 2-wheeler, effortlessly !

●    Priority vehicle delivery – Shorter waiting period
●    Simple onboarding process
●    Charging infra setup – To charge within the convenience of your workplace
●    Exclusive discounts for employees
●    Lower fuel and maintenance costs
●    Lower cost of Ownership
●    Attractive 2 & 3 year lease plans
●    Flexibility to return or retain the vehicle at the end of the lease period.

3 Step Process:    Accessible through your Corporate Intranet, process taking a few minutes to complete

Paperless:    Discovery to Delivery – complete digital journey

Instant Approval:  Get Instant approval by providing minimal details about yourself and your PAN

Reduced carbon emissions

By switching to EVs, corporates can collectively reduce tons of CO2 emissions, supporting climate action goals.

Preservation of air quality

EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, leading to cleaner air and improved public health in urban areas. A typical ICE-2 wheeler emits 2.3Kg to 2.5Kg of CO2 for per litre of petrol burned.

Well to Wheel Efficiency

E2W: Electric two-wheelers typically have a well-to-wheel efficiency of around 70% to 90%. This means they can convert 70% to 90% of the energy from the source (power plants) to power at the wheels. Wherein Internal combustion engine two-wheelers have a well-to-wheel efficiency of around 20% to 30% only.

Sustainable Transportation:

EV 2-wheeler leasing programs encourage employees to adopt green transportation and reduce their carbon footprint.

Corporates can measure the carbon emissions saved by using EV’s and showcase their progress towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Corporate Image Enhancement:

Embracing EV leasing aligns with corporate values and showcases a proactive approach to environmental stewardship.

Investing in EVs sends a powerful message about caring for the environment and communities, enhancing the company’s reputation.

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